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January 31, 2003 Chandra Babu: maximising abilities despite being blind
January 30, 2003 Water conservation efforts of Thumpasseri Rubber Estate
January 29, 2003 Focus: psychology professor's attempt to guide the youth
January 28, 2003 Musim cultivators who supply lotus flowers to Hindu temples
January 27, 2003 Ramesh Haridas: developing a 140-crore e-commerce programme
January 26, 2003 Dr.Velayudhan: 40 years of practice as people's doctor
January 25, 2003 Condiment manufacturing unit started by a college student
January 24, 2003 Alice: running an orphanage despite being poor and single
January 23, 2003 Thomas: peon cum sports coach of Bharathambika U.P.School
January 22, 2003 Dr.Gireesh Chandra Varma: Malayali heart surgeon of Mumbai
January 21, 2003 Shahul Hameed's agricultural farm in the sea sand area
January 20, 2003 Boy who plays flute lying on the surface of water
January 19, 2003 Basmati rice cultivation of Palamel Panchayat
January 18, 2003 Madhu Nair: Malayali coach of Kuwait's roller skating team
January 17, 2003 Winston Netto: working for the blind from London
January 16, 2003 Krishnan Nair: artist who uses sand grains for his work
January 15, 2003 Sneha Sadan: water conservation efforts for a resettlement colony
January 14, 2003 Dr.Gopimani: 25 years of organic farming atop the roof
January 13, 2003 Malayalam medium student develops English grammar software
January 12, 2003 Sister Mary Scaria: advocate who refused to testify untruth
January 11, 2003 Kunjettan's device to climb coconut trees easily
January 10, 2003 The drama troupe consisting of construction workers
January 9, 2003 5-acre medicinal plant cultivation of retired school teacher
January 8, 2003 Rehabilitation centre for spastic children started by affected parents
January 7, 2003 Boy who studied his own work as part of the school syllabus
January 6, 2003 Unschooled poet's work is prescribed text at university
January 5, 2003 Doctor couple who established a hospital for tribals
January 4, 2003 Couple engaged in bee keeping for more than 15 years
January 3, 2003 9-yer-old Abhimanyu's first book of stories
January 2, 2003 Middle class farmer of mixed crops
January 1, 2003 Farmer gifts land to Government for constructing dam
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