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July 31, 2002 Quarry worker who writes a novel
July 30, 2002 Doctor who donated oxygen apparatus to Medical College
July 29, 2002 Author who does 'Thulabharam' with his own books
July 28, 2002 World collection of sugarcane at Kannur institute
July 27, 2002 Man who cultivates Kerala-vegetables in USA
July 26, 2002 2500 sq.ft house built of mud
July 25, 2002 Converting municipal waste into vermi-compost: the North Paravoor example
July 24, 2002 Daughter saves mother from the wheels of death and wins national bravery award
July 23, 2002 Mariam: the spastic who started a home for the handicapped
July 22, 2002 Institute for harmonic research
July 21, 2002 Koonammavu village: where more than 500 women make rosaries
July 20, 2002 Making artistic candles and candle stands
July 19, 2002 Making ice cream and electricity from coconuts
July 18, 2002 Becoming an advocate at the age of 66
July 17, 2002 Teenage violinist wins national award
July 16, 2002 Government employee who took voluntary retirement to devote time to agriculture
July 15, 2002 Man saves a burning boy by jumping with him into the well
July 14, 2002 Hollow brick pillars to support pepper plants
July 13, 2002 Lace making at Iravipuram: continuing a Portuguese tradition beyond 4 centuries
July 12, 2002 Free counseling centre for people with suicidal tendency
July 11, 2002 Student of journalism by day, fisherman by night
July 10, 2002 Self-taught mathematician unravels the mysteries of magic squares
July 9, 2002 Engineering students develop mechanical stretcher-cum-trolley
July 8, 2002 Unlettered man who planted thousands of mangroves
July 7, 2002 Malayali woman who writes poems in Hindi
July 6, 2002 Making handicrafts from coconut husks
July 5, 2002 Doctor who is a dancer and a musician
July 4, 2002 Master artist in the field of pavilion-making
July 3, 2002 Pauper who owns antiques worth lakhs
July 2, 2002 Teaching young children with stylus and palm leaves
July 1, 2002 International award for agriculture scientist
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