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May 27-31, 2005 No issues
May 26, 2005 Students of MES College, Mambad: construction of temporary check dam
May 25, 2005 Tara Vineet: housewife's successful foray as florist
May 24, 2005 Dr. Balakrishnan Nair: garden enhanced with waste materials and hypothecated to Nature
May 23, 2005 Pilikkode Panchayat: Central award for the cleanest panchayat in Kerala
May 22, 2005 Friends Water Scheme: Cooperative units solve the water needs of Parambath village
May 21, 2005 Raju Vadakkel: creating tourism prospects in a rubber nursery
May 20, 2005 No issue
May 19, 2005 C.C.Mathew: 4 generations of treatment for jaundice
May 18, 2005 Engineering students develop automatic automobile accident reporting system
May 17, 2005 Dr.Bahuleyan: millionaire doctor dedicates his assets to his native village
May 14-16, 2005 No issues
May 13, 2005 Nandakumar: converting municipal waste into electricity for Surat
May 12, 2005 Kesava Chandran: experiment to distill hydrocarbons from latex
May 11, 2005 N.K.Muhammed: starting a pathbreaking tourist resort in Malabar area
May 10, 2005 Sudhakaran: promoter of the biggest medicinal plant nursery in the State
May 9, 2005 Dr.Radhakrishnan: multi-crore agro-business that began with Rs.300
May 8, 2005 Kaimoottil Gopalan: utilising pension for philanthropic efforts
May 7, 2005 S.M.Venkatanarayana Reddiar: value-driven successful textile business
May 6, 2005 Dr.Manikandan: providing treatment to cleft lip and facial deformity
May 5, 2005 Malayali scientists win international award for fish-saving device
May 4, 2005 Mulloor Joseph: outstanding medicinal plant cultivation
May 3, 2005 Palliakkal Cooperative Bank: from the brink of liquidation to the heart of the village
May 2, 2005 Noorudina Rashid: free legal aid cell for poor women
May 1, 2005 James Abraham: successful breeder of aquarium fish
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