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March  31, 2004 Venganoor Panchayat: environmental-friendly developmental initiative
March  30, 2004 Dr.Sathyanji: doctor of rare professional commitments
March  29, 2004 No issue
March  28, 2004 Dr.Godfry Louis: discovery of heat-resistant microbes from outer space
March  27, 2004 Dr.Kamalakshi: first adivasi from Attappady to qualify as doctor 
March  26, 2004 Sivan: 25 years of planting shade giving trees on the roadside
March  25, 2004 Dr.Siddhan: from a casual soap mix to a Rs.200-crore company
March  24, 2004 No issue
March  23, 2004 Vasudevan Vaidyan: 6 decades of treatment for snake bite and rheumatism
March  20-22, 2004 No issues
March  19, 2004 Babu: indomitable will dragging a paralysed body
March  18, 2004 Mariamma: builder of school chain in Dubai.
March  17, 2004 P.Parameswaran: producing pepper preferred by the Buckingham Palace
March  16, 2004 Changanassery Social Service Society: effort to create 1.5 lakh water percolation holes
March  15, 2004 Varijakshan Mangad: successful venture in biscuit making
March  9-14, 2004 No issues
March  8, 2004 Priyesh: blind student wins 1st rank in university exam
March  7, 2004 N.R.Menon: value educator and motivator
March  6, 2004 Anoop: rural manufacturer of medicated beds
March  5, 2004 No issue
March  4, 2004 Pavunni: running printing press without labour dispute since 1951
March  3, 2004 Aswas: an association of self-help for single women
March  2, 2004 Hariharan Nair: running self development study centre
March  1, 2004 Lucyamma: self employment in concrete holo blocks manaufacturing
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