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January 31, 2005 Sabu: international recognition for discovery in mathematics
January 30, 2005 Radhakrishna Pillai: feeding the poor in hospital
January 29, 2005 M.G.Sreekumar: young librarian award
January 28, 2005 Stephen Antony: young computer programmer with international recognition
January 27, 2005 Saraswathy: mother for orphans at Sai Nikethan, Kochi
January 26, 2005 No issue
January 25, 2005 Vilakkumadam East Rural Development Society: constructing grano-tanks for rain water harvesting
January 24, 2005 Anil K.Gopinath: successful Thiruvathira dance teacher
January 23, 2005 Late Rev.Dr.K.M.Mathew: internationally acclaimed botanist
January 22, 2005 Anjan and Lathika: cerebral palsy affected child and his mother
January 21, 2005 A.V.George: from minor electrical contractor to the manufacturer of home appliances
January 20, 2005 Pattalakkunnu water harvesting society: simple solution through collective effort
January 19, 2005 Nandakumar: leading an international software firm
January 18, 2005 Joseph: vegetable and banana cultivation on rooftop
January 17, 2005 Green World: the organisation that is greening Vengeri village
January 16, 2005 T.K.Jose: unmasking the potential of 27 lakh poor women through Kudumbasree
January 15, 2005 COSTFORD: NGO involved in alternate housing strategies
January 14, 2005 Ponnempadam Kala Samithi: constructing rain water harvesting structures for the village
January 13, 2005 Michael: indomitable will warding off death from a paralysed body
January 12, 2005 No issue
January 11, 2005 K.D.Raju: estate workers' son wins US scholarship
January 10, 2005 Suharabi: success in artificial diamond business
January 9, 2005 Blessy Job: from the world of arts to power lifting arena
January 8, 2005 Robin and Rickson: poor students who became successful textile merchants
January 7, 2005 Dr.Saji Abraham: NASA award for Malayali scientist
January 6, 2005 Vasu: the blind octogenarian carpenter
January 5, 2005 K.J.Baby: founder of Kanavu, a school of informal education
January 4, 2005 N.S.S.Training College, Ottappalam: contributing to construct house for poor family
January 3, 2005 Santhwanam: organisation of MBBS students to help poor patients
January 2, 2005 Narayanan: devising an alphabet for the adivasi language of Attappadi
January 1, 2005 No issue
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