May 14, 2016

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Lawrace, Kotakara, Kozhikode

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To those who do not have the means to dig a well of their own, Lawrace is a beacon of hope.  This merchant from Kotakara near Perambra has already provided wells for 25 deserving persons in the last 6 years.  The work on the 26th well, intended to benefit the family of Sathyan of Puthukkavu, is scheduled to commence soon.

6 years ago, while he was home as an NRI, he heard a neighbor seeking help from his mother to dig a well.  His first act of charity was to fulfill the need of that neighbor.

From then onwards he took upon himself the task of providing wells to the needy.  He bears the expenses of digging the earth till water is available.  All the wells are around 7 to 10m deep and have abundant water.  He has an expert team to carry out the task.  It is estimated that each well would cost around 40,000.

His good work has benefited needy people irrespective of caste, religion or political affiliation in Perambra, Vellappadi, Puthukkavu etc.  Based on the request of the Panchayat authorities, he constructed a well for the Anganwadi at Vellappadi also.  During the inauguration of the well, the citizens honoured him in a public function.



Courtesy: Ranjith Madhavan (text), Mathrubhumi, May 1, 2016

"No one has even become poor by giving."