March 10, 2014

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Aravind Sankar, Kallara, Kottayam

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26-year-old Aravind Sankar was the National Kung-fu champion of India during 2012 and 2013.  But 15 years before that he was an invalid who had to be carried by others. 

The traumatic event in his life occurred while studying in the 6th class.  A mishap of an injection during surgery for hernia converted him first to a life on bed and then a crawling existence.

For three years he eked out an existence of undiminishing pain.  Later his treatment was switched over to Ayurvedic massaging instead of allopathic medicines.

His grandfather used to run a local ‘kalari’ where training in traditional martial arts used to be imparted.  Watching the training, Aravind came to have a liking for martial arts.  And when the young man entered the Kalari with an incapacitated left leg ostensibly to practice martial arts, many were the snide looks and words he had to face.  However, as the practice progressed, the invalid left leg became more versatile than the normal right leg.

He later studied B.A.History at St.Thomas College, Pala.  It was during this time that his great support and help, his mother succumbed to Parkinson’s disease and died.  To add to the bitter times, his father’s loss in a court case landed them in bankruptcy.  It was later, with herculian effort that Aravind and his elder brother put in, that the family could set right their sail.

He now teaches Kung-fu in a training institute run by his gurus – K.P.Natarajan and K.P.Santhosh Kumar.  He hopes to start an academy of his own soon.  He recently taught defensive techniques to a group of 500 women.  “Whatever the talent, the ability to fare well in a difficult situation depends on one’s mental stuff”, he says.

When the way ahead appears a dead-end and there is the darkness of gloom all around, persons like Aravind become path breakers, creating a way forward for themselves and others…


Courtesy: Staff Reporter (text), Sreekanth Kalarikkal (photo), Vanitha, March 1-14, 2014

"No one can make you inferior without your consent."