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August 16, 2002

I was delighted to find the above article. Thank you for including me. I feel honoured. By the way there are a few minor errors in the article. I would be grateful if these can be corrected.


1. The research was performed at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center , Denver, Colorado, USA.
2. I graduated from TVM Medical College in 1975 (not 1957)
3. I am at present in the US at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
4. The latest invention outlines methods to accurately measure very minute amounts of 8 different forms of folic acid in body fluids and tissues.

C.R. Santhosh Kumar MD, FRCP

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.  They have been corrected. (Ref: April 16, 2002)

July 21, 2002

I am happy to find my article which appeared in the Indian Express ("Turning Coffee Stems into Works of Art") on talent-kerala site. Thank you for the proper acknowledgement (which many in the web jungle refuse to do). The site is good and its selections are fine. Keep it up. 

Latheef Kizhisseri

Thanks for the encouraging remarks.  (Ref: June 2, 2002)

July 21, 2002

It is Bombay NATURAL History Society (BNHS) and Dr Saraswathy Unnithan  a Senior Scientist (Ornithology)  (head of Bird Section) and is working with BNHS since 1982.

She has been associated with Mr. Humayun ABDUL ALI, the famous Ornithologist.
Thattekkad, is famous for having the maximum SPECIES of birds concentrated in one place. The Sanctuary with maximum NUMBER of birds is Bharatpur, in Rajasthan.
Among other talents, she is an  expert in Japanese Landscaping & BONSAI; has a collection of 500 bonsai plants at home.  Many of them  are almost a quarter-century old.  She has participated in several  World Bonsai Conferences and Workshops abroad.
She has been credited with designing the First Day Cover for the Indian Postal Dept in 2000, to commemorate the migratory birds.
Thanking you,  

Commander GVK Unnithan, Indian Navy (Retd)


Thanks for pointing out the many mistakes in the story and for updating the information.  These changes have been incorporated (Ref: June 3, 2002)

April 11, 2002

...tales of grit, creativity, compassion and triumph make for good reading and never fail to inspire.

T. Nandakumar in 'The Hindu'.   

Thank you.

March 2, 2002

I enjoyed visiting your site. I had tried a few times before succeeding. The site is beautiful because of the idea. Enjoyed the poem also. It was a pleasure to know about Antony, the Tree Planter. I had read about a similar person in Europe. I met a person in Andhra Pradesh who carries saplings in his pocket and gives them as mementoes. Wonderful ideas to inspire us!

Congratulations for your great idea.  You are invited to see the indicated webpage for creativity-network and post your thoughts.

Dr. N.N.Panicker,  http://www.egroups.com/group/creativity-network


Thank you