April 16, 2002  

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Dr. C.R.Santhosh Kumar, Cheruppolil family, Thiruvalla 


For his invention of new technology to measure the quantity of Folic acid (Vitamin B) in human blood and cells, Dr. C.R.Santhosh Kumar has received the second US patent.  His earlier patent was also in connection with the measurement of certain amino acids in human cells and blood.

It is expected that this method will have implications in the treatment of cancer.  Also, it is likely to be of significance in the treatment of heart diseases and prevention of genetically deformed infants.  The research leading to the patent was done at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center , Denver, Colorado, USA. His two foreign colleagues too share the patent with him.

The invention outlines methods to accurately measure very minute amounts of 8 different forms of folic acid in body fluids and tissues.

Dr. Santhosh was earlier a consultant at Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram.   He is at present working  at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Dr. Santhosh has published more than 40 papers.  He belongs to Cheruppolil family, Thiruvalla.  He passed out from Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram in 1975.  He worked for some time as tutor at Medical College, Kottayam.  During 1981-86 he worked in various universities of UK.  During 1986-90 he worked as registrar at the King Faud University, Saudi Arabia.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, October 7, 1998

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