May 31, 2002 

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Padmakumar, ‘Karthika’, Chirayinkizhu, Thriruvananthapuram

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There may not be many who make pictures using pearls on cloths.  Meet Padmakumar, ‘Karthika’, Chirayinkizhu, Thriruvananthapuram, one such artist.

Padmakumar is better known in Chirayinkizhu as Pappan, the owner of Hotel Priyadarshini.

How does he make pearl-studded works?  On a wooden rectangular frame, a black polyester cloth is fixed.  On this, pearls of different size and colour as well as golden thread are glued together in an intricate manner to produce the finished work.

It takes him about 2 weeks of concentrated effort to complete a work.  He has so far produced many figures of gods and other works.  But his favourite one is that of Sarkara Devi, whose devotee he is.  This work is kept prominently in his house.  The other works are distributed to relatives and friends without any commercial concern.

The chandelier hanging in Priyadarshini Hotel was fabricated by Pappan using disposed injection bottles. 

His wife Vatsala helps him in preparing these works.  He is ready to pass on his self-taught knowledge about this technique to any sincere seeker who cares to approach him.


Courtesy: Sreekumar Perunguzhi and B.T.Anil Kumar, Kerala Kaumudi.

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