May 30, 2002 

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Bhaskaravarma Raja, ‘Sreeraj’, Kannadipoyil, Balusseri, Kozhikode 673612

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Usually,  planting a stem obtained through ‘grafting’ is the way to grow hibiscus.  Can hibiscus be reproduced by artificial pollination?  Can it bear seeds?

The answers to these questions are positive in the farm of Bhaskaravarma Raja, ‘Sreeraj’, Kannadipoyil, Balusseri, Kozhikode (Phone: 644438)

And how many shades of hibiscus flowers does one want?  Raja has so far developed 148 types of hibiscus of various colours.

How did his research begin?  He attempted to sprinkle the pollen grains of a white variety onto a red hibiscus flower.  As a result of this, a seed formed in the red flower.  That encouraged Raja.  He let this seed germinate.  And when this sapling came of age and flowered, it had rose coloured petals.

As his experiment became successful, he got the inspiration to try and produce hibiscus of other colours.  For the past 7 years he has been at this as a hobby.  His other cultivations include coconut, arecanut and nutmeg.

Raja reveals information about his methods without any inhibition to curious visitors who come to his farm every day.

He has plans to start a hibiscus nursery and write a book on the subject.


Courtesy: Sreeja Kishore, Mahilaratnam.

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