May 28, 2002 

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Voluntary Association, Alattukavu, Kollam 

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Unity, of course, is strength.  And the Voluntary Association, Alattukavu, Kollam has proved it again.  This 40-member Association has, through serving food at feasts, generated assets worth Rs. 25 lakhs over a 10-year period.

The association was formed from informal gatherings in the evening under the banyan tree in front of the temple at Alattukavu.  Someone put forward the idea: why not form an association to serve food at weddings and other such functions.  The immediate aim was to generate sufficient funds to buy and offer an elephant to the local temple.

That was more than 10 years ago, in 1991.  Under Madhavan Pillai, the chef, the members learned the art of serving at feasts.  The motley crowd that comprise the association include farmers and bank officials, teachers and students.

They soon gained goodwill all around through their sincere service.  And with that the associationís remuneration too soared.

The association works in a democratic manner.  Those who take part in the service are not paid any remuneration except traveling expense.

From the funds thus generated they purchased an elephant for Rs. 4.5 lakhs in 1999.  The association owns a bus too.

Now they are offering their services from Alappuzha to Attingal.



Courtesy: S. Anil Kumar, Mathrubhumi, February 6, 2002.

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