May 27, 2002 

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Sushama, Puratheveli, Thirunellur, Alappuzha 688557

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Though she has only one hand, she uses it to cut cloths and stitch garments.  And the cloths she stitches do not have any handicap that her body suffers from.

33-year-old Sushama, Puratheveli, Thirunellur, Alappuzha was born without the right hand.  Her father died when she was quite young.  And now she has to shoulder the responsibility of the family consisting of her sickly mother and younger brother who is a student.

Sushama learned stitching using her younger sisterís sewing machine.  As her confidence grew, she joined a tailoring shop to learn the vocation.

After a 2-year stint at the shop she became confident enough to stitch on her own.

For the past 15 years she has been at the job.  As her sewing machine broke down 6 months ago, she is now working in a shop at Thekke Angadi, Chertallai.

She says she is able to stitch up to 4 blouses per day.

Her sister has been married off.  Undaunted by physical handicap and financial constraints, she dedicates herself to her job.



Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, December 9, 2001

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