May 23, 2002 

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Bibin, Thekkel veettil, near St. Sebastianís High School, Thenamkunnu, Thodupuzha 685584


19-year-old Bibin has converted the 10 cents of land in front of his house into a veritable playground of the god of Spring.

This 2nd year student of ITC, Koduveli has designed the garden full of plants and flowers, bridges and pathways, small ponds and hillocks.  In his garden, one could see rabbits hopping along, an aquarium of colourful fishes, birds flying about, and cages for them and never-ending music.  Bibin has converted his garden into a feast of spring.

Bibin drew inspiration from observing parks and gardens seen while on study tour from school.  3 years ago, when Bibin started the construction work at his home Thekkel veettil, near St. Sebastianís High School, Thenamkunnu, Thodupuzha, his parents werenít pleased.  They advised him to concentrate on his studies.  But Bibin did not mind that.

He kept on cultivating beauty in his park.  Slowly his parents too came to appreciate the wonderful garden Bibin was creating.  In the end his father himself provided all necessary help.

No many from far and near come to view the park.  They include videographers and TV producers.  But Bibin has so far not given permission to shoot in the garden.  He fears that unconcerned intervention will spoil the beauty of the spot.

Many orders have come to Bibin to do similar parks in front of his rich clientsí houses.  So far he has completed about 20 such projects.

Bibin is happy to receive visitors at his park.  For him the park is a fulfillment of his heartís desire.



Courtesy: Jimson Thodupuzha, Kerala Kaumudi, March 5, 2002

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