May 9, 2002 

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Ismail Kunju, Puthenveettil, Kalluvila, Mylapore, Kottiyam, Kollam 691571


By supplying piped drinking water to 200 families belonging to water-starved areas of Mylapore and Puthuchira in Thrukkovilvattam Panchayat, Kottiyam, Kollam, Ismail Kunju is demonstrating what can be done if one has the will to help the needy.

Ismail Kunju has dug 5 large wells in his compound at Puthenveettil, Kalluvila, Mylapore.  By using powerful motors, the water from these wells is pumped to the storage tank near his house, which is situated km away.  From here the water is distributed to 200 families in 2km area through pipelines.  Valves are provided to regulate supply to different areas.  And for this he has employed 2 workers.

He collects a nominal amount from the affluent beneficiaries towards meeting the expense for laying pipelines, wages for workers and electricity charges.  Water is supplied to the poor beneficiaries free of charge.

Since the water from newly dug well is cloudy, he pumps this water to a pit dug around the old wells.  This water gets filtered into the old wells in the natural way.

Ismail started his philanthropic mission by laying a pipeline to supply water to the mosque at Mylapore.  Drawing inspiration from this venture he has broadened the scope of his water supply scheme.


Courtesy: D.V.Shibu, Mathrubhumi, March 2, 2002 

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" The stream cannot rise above its source."