May 3, 2002

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C.N.Madhusoodanan, ‘Keracraft’, Ramapuram, Kottayam 


He is one of the most accomplished artisans of coconut shell, for he has even mastered the art of converting the spherical shell into straightened pieces.

C.N.Madhusoodanan who runs ‘Keracraft’ at Ramapuram, Kottayam started on the venture 16 years back after completing M.A.  His earlier experience wasn’t encouraging.

As the coconut shell handicrafts produced by the inexperienced women workers of ‘Keracraft’ were of inferior quality, the items were slow moving.  In order to boost sales, he purchased other sundry items and held exhibition of all items put together.  At the end of the exercise the loss was 9 lakhs.

But he wasn’t disheartened.

Now things have changed.  There is commercial demand for coconut shell products.  As the quality of products has improved, sales have picked up.  Besides, five star hotels and ethnic / heritage restaurants have discovered the appeal of coconut shell cutlery.

Once he held an exhibition at New Delhi on his own.  The response there was overwhelming.  He got some large-scale orders that unfortunately he had to turn down.

For example, one person wanted a supply of 50000 shell spoons per month.

He is now producing beer mug, spoons, water jug, lamp shade, table lamp etc with coconut shells. 

In addition to this, Madhusoodanan is collaborating with Centre for Development Studies to encourage coconut shell artifact production as a job.  Also, he is trying to improve the tools used in this sector.

Straightened coconut shells


Courtesy: Karshakasree, February 2002

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