May 1, 2002  

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K.Vijayakumar from Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram


For more than 18 years now, K.Vijayakumar from Neyyattinkara has been giving succour to the poor and needy patients of Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.  During this time he has lost his job and a leg in his enthusiasm to serve the patients.

Vijayakumar’s eyes were opened to the plight of poor patients when he was working as a medical representative for a reputed company.  He used to help the patients with sample medicines, food and guidance.

It was during this time that his left leg was wounded in an accident and he was admitted in the Medical College hospital.  Ignoring the advice given by the doctors to rest for a week, he was back amidst the poor patients.  This resulted in the wound becoming septic.  And ultimately the leg had to be amputated.

Not letting this set back upset his resolve to help others he was back at his favourite job with an artificial limb.

He has made many representations to the authorities for the development of the hospital.  During the last 10 years, he has persuaded hundreds of people to donate eyes and blood.

However, in the midst of this busy social work he lost his job.  But yet, unmindful of the privations in his life, he is in the forefront to help others.

Considering his service, the Indian Red Cross Society has chosen him for the Madhavi Sukumaran award.




Courtesy: A.C.Reji, Kerala Kaumudi

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