November 9, 2002 

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Jimmy, Thottupurath, Thodupuzha

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Although tractor and trailor have replaced bullocks for ploughing fields, Jimmy, Thottupurath, Thodupuzha, still insists on using the quadrupeds in his farm.

For one thing, the expenses are less and there is less loss of soil nutrients in animal ploughing.

But a still potent reason is Jimmy’s love of the animals.  Well proportioned oxen with tradtitional ‘signs’ and ‘traits’ is a joy for Jimmy.  He is ready to spend any amount to own such rarities.

The people of the area vouch for Jimmy’s ability to judge a bull by the ‘signs’.  In this art he is even better than the veterans, they say.

According to him, ‘maile kala’, the while bull is the best.  ‘Kole kala’ which is black is also good.  Hoewever, those with patches of colours are not at all good, he says.  The whirl at the back should be towards the centre and the tail should reach the knee and be tapering.

According to Jimmy, a pair of bulls satisfying the ‘signs’ would cost Rs.30,000.

Jimmy and his bulls have taken part in various bull race and ‘maramadi’ competitions.  During the short time he has taken part in about 100 such competitions and won prizes in many.

Jimmy with the bulls in the farm


Courtesy: O.N.Rajagopal, Kerala Kaumudi, August 23, 2002

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"When in doubt what to do, he is a wise man who does nothing."