November 4, 2002 

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Binujith, ‘Kuttiyil’, Manappurath, Vallikkunnam, Thodupuzha. 

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After more than a year of sweet labour, using more than 1 lakh match sticks, Binujith, a young artist has completed the 50cm x 50cm model of the traditional Kerala house – Nalukettu.  A foreign tourist, after seeing the masterpiece, offered to buy it for Rs.1.25 lakhs but the 24-year-old wouldn’t part with it.

His model has 8 large rooms, 21 carved pillars, a central open space and all-round veranda.  Inside the house there are well finished round pillars, small ventilators etc.  The doors are operable.  There is facility to provide light to the interior using a small bulb.  Binu has used fevicol to bond the match sticks.

For Binu, making figures out of waste materials like twigs, match box, egg shell, paper, coconut shell, mango seed etc. is a hobby.  His 1st creation was a 50cm long hanging bridge.

Binu is the son of retired teachers Thrivyaran and Leelambika, ‘Kuttiyil’, Manappurath, Vallikkunnam, Thodupuzha.


Courtesy: O.N.Rajagopal, Kerala Kaumudi, September 17, 2002

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"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."