November 29, 2002 

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Biju, Mangattumatam House, Thuruthi, Changanacherry

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With less than Rs.10,000 as capital, two neighbours from Thuruthi, Changanacherry hit upon the idea of preparing and selling home-made buttermilk in packets.  Biju of Mangattumatam House had the idea first and so the brand name of the product is Mangattumatam buttermilk.

Starting with an initial production of 500 packets, they now sell 3500 numbers of 200 ml packets per day.

The friends start the day at 4 a.m.  They then enter the kitchen and start the 1st procedure of adding the paste of chilly, ginger and curry leaves to the curd.  Once the buttermilk is ready, the priduct is sealed in packets.  And by 9 o’clock they would be ready to market the product for the day.

Next the manufacturers change their roles and become marketing executives.  While Biju goes by car along Thiruvalla-Chengannur route, 3 others cover few neighbouring areas upto Kottayam.

According to Biju, two advantages that contribute to the success of their venture: one, the uncompromising adherence to quality and the home-made taste and the second, the fact that Mangattumatam brand is available even in small pan shops.

On the day the Mangattumatam buttermilk came to the market, all the 500 packets were sold out in a few hours, Biju remembers with satisfaction.



Courtesy: Tony Varghese, Karshakan, April 1999

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