November 28, 2002 

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Kundani-Kulappadam Haritha Association, Kizhuppillikkara, Thanyam Panchayat, Thrissur

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Toddy as pesticide!  The farmers of Kundani-Kulappadam Haritha Association have experimented and found that toddy is a good substitute for chemical pesticides.

By sprinkling toddy diluted with 3 times water, they were able to banish worms which attack pumpkin and gourd.

The Association is cultivating vegetables in the 12.5 acre coconut farm.  The other organic methods experimented in the farm are: setting enemical insects to attack the pests, using neem oil and soap solution and bacterial pesticides.  The farmers are expecting a yield of 50 tons.  The vegetables are sold to the buyers from the neighbourhood in the farm itself.

The Association was formed with 25 members from Kizhuppillikkara.  However, as the 1st crop in the paddy field was unsuccessful due to salt content in the soil, 10 members left the Association.  But this did not deter the other members from continuing the cultivation with renewed vigour in the adjacent dry land.

The confidence and enthusiasm of the president, P.Chandrasekharan and secretary, K.K.Dayanandan are the inspiration for other members.  Another inspiration for them is the effort of retired Joint Director of Agriculture, Velayudhan, who comes frequently and does the work in the farm along with other farmers.

The young farmers are planning to cultivate round the year.


Courtesy: Johny Anthikkad, Karshakan, May 1999

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