November 26, 2002 

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Pappachan, Paisakkari, near Chandanakkam Para, Thaliparamba, Kannur.

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When science and scientists had failed to prevent crop-loss due to quickwilt, Pappachan was able to maintain the same due to organic farming techniques adopted in his pepper farm at Paisakkari, near Chandanakkam Para, Thaliparamba, Kannur.

He doesn’t disturb the topsoil with a spade.  Nor does he pollute the earth with chemicals.  With the wisdom made innate from years of experiments in his original farm at Chakkith Para, Koorachundu, Kozhikode, the farmer goes on confidently with his cultivation.

Except at the time of planting, he doesn’t use spade in the soil.  His reasoning is this: digging blocks the natural air passages in the soil.  And using a spade results in injuries to the root, which causes adverse effect on the pepper plant.

When Nature has given protective measures, why should man adopt artificial methods, he asks.

From his 1 acre 30 cents land at Paisakkari, he obtained 2.7 quintals of pepper last year.

For planting, mulching, growing a covering crop of leguminous plant, setting distance between plants, use of  supporting trees / concrete posts, preventing excess water from entering the farm etc, he has his own ideas perfected after years of experience in his land.  Factor inhibiting him from experimenting further is financial constraint.


Courtesy: Soyi Pulikkal, Karshakan, August 1999

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"If you lose your needle in the grass, seek it in the grass."