November 21, 2002 

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A.M.Karappan, Bilathikkulam, Kozhikkode

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Instead of putting waste materials here and there, if we put it in a dustbin, it may not reduce the waste but it can certainly confine the same to one location and thus facilitate its easy disposal.

A similar logic is applied by A.M.Karappan, Bilathikkulam, Kozhikkode to contain the mosquito menace in the city.  His method is simple.  Keep water-filled open vessels outside the house to attract female mosquitoes to lay eggs, allow the larvae to grow for 6 days and then exterminate them.

But why on the 6th day?  Because larvae turn into mosquitos on the 7th day.  By such periodic ethnic cleaning, the area becomes less mosquito-friendly.

In the earlier days he was a one-man army going around in his Maruti with the message of this inexpensive method.  But now many housing colonies have adopted the technique.

What started as a public meeting in the United Kerala Library, Chakkorath Kulam, grew into a movement called Mosquito Eradication Committee with Dr.A.Achuthan as President.

While creating awareness about the technique at a function organized by a mosque at Thiruvannur, the Committee was pleasantly surprised to note that the people of the area had employed a person for 2 months to carry out the method in the locality.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, November 22, 1998

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