November 14, 2002 

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Ascetic A.K.Rajamma, Vinobha Niketan, Vithura, Thiruvananthapuram, 

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30 years ago, the founder of Vinobha Niketan at Vithura, Thiruvananthapuram, ascetic A.K.Rajamma had a dream: to organize a permanent exhibition of Gandhi-Vinobha pictures/ sculptures at the Niketan so that it would be an inspiration for the viewers.

She made many trips to Raj Ghat and Gandhi Smruthi at Delhi.  The Director of Gandhi Smruthi, Dr. N. Radhakrishnan helped her by providing many pictures.

Now there are about 500 pictures and sculptures in the exhibition hall.  Some of them are 150 years old.

Route of Vinobajiís journey through Kerala, Phoenix ashram at South Africa where Gandhi and Kasturba stayed, Gandhijiís personal articles etc. are represented pictorially in the gallery.  Models of Gandhi and Vinobha ashrams, their birthplaces etc stir a patriotic fervour in the visitor to the gallery.

There are about 200 orphans living in the Vinobha Niketan, which was started by Rajamma on September 11, 1954.  And the 76-year-old ascetic is like a mother to these inmates.

The gallery was designed by 2 artists, Poonkode Udayan and Vijayan.

Part of the exhibition


Courtesy: Manilal Vithura, Malayala Manorama, August 31, 2002

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