November 11, 2002 

Inspiration for the day

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P.K.Saudamini, Vadakkekkara House, Thichur, Thrissur

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UNESCO-award winner for continuing education, P.K.Saudamini had a dream: to make her village, Thichur in Thrissur District free of litigation.

But things weren’t easy.  She first went from house to house selling the concept to the villages who were cynical at first.  But this former Panchayat member of 7 years persisted.

She met the Superintendent of Police who promised necessary help.  Next she met ‘Jana Neethi’, Thrissur, an organization in the field of justice.  That gave her further confidence.

Then a meeting was convened under the Varavoor Panchayat with representation from political, social and bureaucratic circles.

By now the Law College, Thrissur and the Vadakkanchery Block Panchayat were interested in the concept.  52 students of the Law College went to each house in the village.  There are 520 households in the village with a number of legal wrangles including boundary disputes, excise, telephone, bank, petty quarrels etc.  In order to bring legal sanctity to their efforts, they coordinated all activities through legal Service Society, Thrissur.

With all round help and enthusiasm, their adalats were a success.  Both the parties were mentally prepared before being brought to the adalat.

Last May, Thichur was declared a litigation-free village.  It was indeed a day of celebration for the villagers.

Saudamini does not believe there will not be further litigations in the future.  For that a Friendship Committee has been formed.  They meet twice a month to solve villagers’ grievances.

After Saudamini’s dream turned into a reality, an international team came to Thichur to assess the success of the scheme.




Courtesy: Staff Representative, Vanitha, December 1-14, 2000

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