November 1, 2002 

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Subhadra Antharjanam, Chelakkunnam Illam, Puthaloth, Kodakkad, Kasargod

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Subhadra Antharjanam, Chelakkunnam Illam, Puthaloth, Kodakkad, Kasargod, daughter of the priest of Ayyappa temple, Bangalore, is equally fond of Thiruvathira Kali and Oppana.  She is now attending the workshop on Muslim art being organized by Kerala Folklore Academy at Kozhikode.

As a high school student she used to take part in cultural competitions.  When her friends remarked that her performance in Oppana was better than that in Thiruvathira Kali, she started learning more about the art with the help of her Muslim friends.

A Namboothiri girl learning Oppana wasnít taken appreciatively by her parents.  However, as she grew up, the resistance to her likes decreased.  Still her mother found it difficult, initially, to send her to workshops and camps for Muslim art.

Subhadra who is a student of M.A (Malayalam) writes poems in periodicals under the pen name Subha Kodakkad.  In addition to her studies, she is working as a computer instructor in a private institute.

Although she is fond of Mappila songs, she hasnít been able to understand the stanzas fully, she says.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, October 3, 1998

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