January 31, 2023

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saji peter: blind AND self-taught radio-repairer

Saji Peter, Payikkat Vayalil, Pambadi, Kottayam.

He is blind since birth and has not formally learned how to repair a radio.  Yet Saji Peter of Payikkat Vayalil in Pambadi, Kottayam has been repairing radios based on his inner vision.  And perhaps his keen ears.

His formal education ended with upper primary.  But the important trait he picked up since his school days was a love of music.  And the radio that brought it to him became a curiosity for him.  So he wanted to open it up and see the inside.  Using the rib of an umbrella he fashioned a crude screw driver with the help of a stone.

He slowly learned about the components of the radio by touch and got to know their names by asking people.  With passage of time, he became good at repairing radios.  And soon people started approaching him with their broken-down radios.  The only thing which he cannot do is soldering.  And for that too, he has his own innovation in cello-tape.

He underwent two unsuccessful surgeries to correct his blindness. His optic nerve is also damaged, so a transplant is also ruled out, say the doctors.

But 53-year-old Saji is unperturbed.  He walks to Pampadi town with the help of a walking stick and sells lottery for a living.  He is married to an Anganwadi worker and has two children.

In his case it can be said that his curiosity developed into a passion, and that made him learn and discover new things, and that eventually gave him job satisfaction and some income too. 




Kaumudi Global, January 24, 2023 


"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."