November 26, 2022

Inspiration for the day

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Paul, Thrissur

As a student he was an avid enthusiast of electrical experiments.  Later, he worked as an electrician in the Middle East.  With these as his antecedents and assets, Paul of Thrissur embarked on his quest for generating household electricity after coming back to Kerala in 2008.

Solar energy, according to him, had the drawback of being available for only half the time of the day.  But the wind turbines in use were huge structures, quite unsuitable for domestic needs.

It was here that he decided to innovate on a scaled down version of wind turbine and generate electricity. Once this idea generated in his mind, nothing could deter him from bringing it to the logical conclusion.

But for that it took more than 12 years of toil with many a trial and error in the bargain. 

The most critical part of the turbine was the design of blades, which had to be light weight, capable of good rotation even in low wind conditions and at the same time, sturdy enough to withstand high winds.

He spent lakhs of rupees and overcame the disappointment of many failed prototypes.  Even his family was upset with his ‘obsession’.  But all that changed in 2021, when his finished model in his garden started producing electricity.

Once his achievement became popular in social media, his critics have become his admirers.  His 35kg turbine with 12 feet diameter is drawing installation proposals and business offers from far and wide.  Even representatives from some African countries have contacted him about the turbine that costs a little more than one lakh. 

But he doesn’t want to rush and compromise on quality.  He is taking up only those installations that he can complete in one month’s time.  Afterall, a whirlwind of fortune may not be advantageous to the inventor in the long run.


Bobins Abraham (text), Indiatimes.com, November 9, 2022. 


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