March 22, 2009

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Mohanan, Secretary of Poongode Padasekhara Samithi, Thathamangalam, Palakkad Ph: 04923-227270, 9447533969

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When the harvesting season approaches, Mohananís mobile is flooded with enquiries.  The callers want to know the technique of converting weed cutting machine to portable harvesting machine.  For they have heard that he has made such an innovative harvester for a meager Rs.400.

Mohanan, Secretary of Poongode Padasekhara Samithi and a prominent farmer in Thathamangalam, Palakkad had accidentally hit upon the idea of converting his weed cutter.  He thought of the possibility of replacing the weed cutting edge with a saw capable of harvesting.

The conversion was done in a workshop in Coimbatore.  A fiber sheet was placed on top of the saw to allow the harvest to be suitably placed on one side.  After trying out the implement in his farm for two years he decided to make it known.

Last year he harvested 5 of his 30 acres of land using this harvester.  According to him, the innovation was done not for himself but to help marginal farmers suffering from non-availability of farm labourers.

While the operation of big harvester costs Rs.2200 per acre, his mini version can do it for Rs.1100.  One hour of running needs one litre of petrol.  Since the harvesting can be done close to the ground, there is no wastage of straw either. 

No wonder there is considerable interest in his innovation as the harvesting season approaches.  Mohanan welcomes all with an open smile.

Courtesy: Karshakashree, October 2008
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"Although it rain, throw not away your watering pot."