July 3, 2008

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Sivanandan, Palakkad

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Saudi-returned mechanic Sivanandan has come up with a ‘fan-on-wheel’ invention after 10 years of effort that he says will help boost the mileage of the vehicles and prolong the life of the tyres.

His mechanical device, coupled to the tyres help to increase the mileage by 5 km for cars and 2 km for trucks, he says.  The device starts functioning when the vehicle attains a speed of 30-40 km. 

The device was first exhibited on a 11-year-old Maruti car that had clocked 88000 km.He has informed about his project to the Tata Motors and an Italian company.


Courtesy: Gayathri Shanmughan, Kerala Kaumudi, June 26, 2008
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