July 22, 2008

Inspiration for the day

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Mariakkutty, near Syed College, Thaliparamba, Kannur. 

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The allopathy practitioners of Kannur usually do not prescribe any medicine for jaundice patients who come to them.  Rather, they direct them to seek the remedy from Mariakkutty, a herb-based medical practitioner who lives near Syed College, Thaliparamba, Kannur. 

Their confidence in her is based on 48 years of cure that she has been able to provide for the needy. 

She does not need to see the patients.  Her cure is based on a herbal ingredient which is kept a secret.  The user-friendly part of the medicine is that the 40-day treatment does not involve any strict regimen.

Years ago, a critical jaundice patient was to be taken from Medical College, Kozhikode, to Manipal Medical College as a last attempt to save his life.  When this discussion was going on, a relative of the patient from Kannur was there.  He suggested that on the way they could as well drop in at Marykutty’s place and try her medicine.

They brought the patient to her.  Although the disease was in an advanced stage, she was able to cure it.  Such efforts have slowly spread the effect of her treatment through word of mouth.  And now people from other districts of Kerala and even Karnataka flock to her doorsteps.

She makes use of a herbal mixture that was earlier practiced by her father. She charges just Rs.200 for 20 days medicine. And that is just to take care of the expenses in preparing the medicine.


Courtesy: Grihalakshmi, July 2008
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