July 17, 2008

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K.A.Sathyan, Karakkathuruth, Kunnukara, Paravoor, Ernakulam

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I think farming is one of the noblest professions in the world.  Ones approach to it should be based on patience and sincerity.  I consider this award as the recognition of my long years of work, says K.A.Sathyan, a farmer of Karakkathuruth, Kunnukara, Paravoor, Ernakulam, who has been granted the State Harithamitra award recently.

Son of a farm-labourer, he had been in touch with farming since his school days.  Although he worked in a factory for sometime, its ultimate lock out forced him to devote full time to farming. 

Traditionally we owned just 10 cents of land.  But through agriculture, we have been able to own half-an-acre of land, he says.

Mixed crop in every inch of the farm, sequencing of crops to retain fertility of soil, use of organic fertilizers to the maximum extent, these things have evolved out of his quarter century of cultivation.

Kunnukara Panchayat in Paravoor has gained prominence as a land of dedicated farmers.  Last year also the Harithamitra award of the State Government went to a farmer of this Panchayat. 

We have about 250 members under VFPCK and we follow a united approach to selling and all other matters.  The internal market is also quite live.  We cooperate with each other, share our experiences and go ahead with our chosen vocation, he says. 


Courtesy: K.V.Leela, Karshakan, September 2007
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