April 4, 2008

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Dr.Abdul Azeez, Prasanthi, Natal, Edakkad, Kannur Ph: 0497 - 2835844

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In 1964, a young man from Kannur drove in his car to the residence of noted homoeopathy practitioner C.Ramakrishna Menon at Ernakulam.  Dr.Menon was impressed by the demeanor and earnestness of Abdul Azeez and agreed to teach him the system of medicine.  And for 3 years this learning under the guru continued.

Later as he started practicing, he continued his readings into psychological factors that give away the clues to illnesses.  This gave him deeper insight into the condition of the patients based on their mannerisms and appearance.  Some women patients even used to believe that the doctor had supernatural powers.

In doctor’s residence and clinic at Natal, Kannur, consultation is from 10am to 5 pm.  He sees to it that atleast 10 poor patients are given free treatment everyday.  And for the really deserving, the doctor provides return journey fare also.  According to Dr.Azeez, it is this charity that has made him a successful practitioner.

Many are the patients who approach him.  And among them, some popular figures include P.T.Usha and M.N.Vijayan, not to mention M.T.Vasudevan Nair and Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer.  Usha had approached him when her treatment in London was unsuccessful and she was suffering from severe ankle pain.  It took Dr. Azeez 14 days to diagnose the case.  And within 3 months, her ailment was gone.  Today, for P.T.Usha, her family and wards, Dr.Azeez is the consultant.

According to him, it is not easy to treat those who have no faith in God and those who have indulged in grievous crimes.

Although his formal education had come to an end with 10th standard, his readings have made him reach and achieve success in his chosen endeavour.


Courtesy: T.Ajeesh, Manorama Aarogyam, February 2008
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