March 22, 2007

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Shibu, Chokkad, Kallamoola, Thalkandi, Malappuram

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Not content to wait like the proverbial hornbill for the distant cloud of officials to appear and quench his thirst, Shibu, a youth from Chokkad, Kallamoola, Thalkandi in Malappuram decided to bring through a hose, water from a perennial stream to his house.  And his Bhageeratha-effort of 4 years has seen about 100 families of the village benefit from his water supply scheme.

Many would perhaps have seen the perennial spring Pathichola at Kadincheera near Pullangode Estate in Kalikavu.  But it was left to this young man to practically make use of it for solving a local problem effectively.  As the water brought by the hose was in abundant supply, he distributed it first to his immediate neighbours.

3 years ago, the Oravamkunnu area of Thalkandi was in the grip of a severe drought.  As the wells started drying up, Shibu became active again.  He united the people of the village and installed another tank in his compound to augment the supply.  The distribution pipe network too was installed to convey water to the new beneficiaries.

In Shibu’s village, it is rare to see a housewife standing in a queue for a bucket of water.  Or to see someone lower a bucket into the deep wells to fetch out some potable water.


Courtesy: Madhyamam, March 19, 2007
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