March 15, 2007

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Chinchu George, Baker Memorial Higher Secondary School, Kottayam

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UNICEF selects every year two students to present papers at the Millenneum Development Goals summit where Heads of States and environmental practitioners deliberate.  One of the students chosen this year for the honour was Chinchu George, a Plus One student of Baker Memorial Higher Secondary School, Kottayam.

At the summit she presented two papers.  The first one dwelt on groundwater protection, making environmental studies a part of the curriculum, and the Nirmalgram award for environmental action.  In the second session, she presented a project report of rain water harvesting for meeting the water needs of her school.  Following the presentation, she received accolades from Cherry Blair, first lady of UK and an invitation from the President of Uganda to visit their country. 

An active member of the school ecoclub, Chinchu remembers with gratitude the encouragement from her teachers Gladys Mary Punnoose and George Varghese. 

Close on the heels of her historic presentation, she has been offered financial assistance by the US chapter of the ‘Knanaya Sabha’ to pursue her studies in US after Plus Two.  Eldest daughter of an economically weak family, she was asked by the US Consulate how she will help her 3 younger sisters.  She replied that with God’s Grace, she will be able to complete her studies and land in a good job and then help her sisters.

This clinched the issue at the interview for visa.  After wishing her Godspeed, the Consulate granted her visa for 5 years.


Courtesy: Shihab Kooningad, Madhyamam, March 9, 2007
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