April 8, 2007

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Dr.Vipinachandran Nair, Changethu Bhaskaran Nair Memorial Hospital, Thazhevettipram, Pathanamthitta

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An 8th generation ayurveda medical practitioner, Dr.Vipinachandran Nair has been successfully undertaking complicated cases of vertebral correction and arthritis at the Changethu Bhaskaran Nair Memorial Hospital at Thazhevettipram in Pathanamthitta since the 1990s. 

A member of the traditional Chengethu family, he graduated from the Kottakkal Ayurveda College and then underwent further training under his father, Bhaskaran Nair, a Vaidyakalanidhi certificate holder, before starting to do vertebral correction about a decade ago.

Why did he choose the complicated field of vertebral correction?  “It is a gift from God.  I leave the task of handling complicated vertebral and disc corrections among patients entirely to God.  Even the movement of my fingers while undertaking correction is under the Grace of God”, he says.

Daily about 20 patients approach him for vertebral correction and arthritis alone.  In complicated cases, they are admitted in the hospital for atleast a week and are given ‘kizhi’, steambath and oral medicines.  His patients include hundreds of foreigners from UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Gulf countries and Africa.  “Now there are many patients from North India too,” he says.

Infertility clinic is the latest field entered into by the Hospital.  He attributes success of this clinic to quality medicines manufactured along traditional lines by the Hospital itself.  


Courtesy: P.T.Mohanan Pillai, The Indian Express, March 14, 2007
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