December 29, 2005

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Javed K.Hassan, Chairman, NEST Technologies, Kochi

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Sweet indeed are the uses of adversity.  After 20 years of meritorious service at IBM, when he felt that his worth wasn’t being appreciated by the company, he left it to join another Fortune 1100 company AMP.  After 10 years of sterling leadership at this firm too, when he felt that his merit was being overlooked for the top post, Javed K.Hassan left it and started his own company NEST, which is now a Rs.500 crore turnover company employing 2000 professionals.

For the grandson of Makkar Pillai, adversities acted as a spur to his creativity.  The rustic grandfather had beaten British and Swiss companies in the export of lemon grass oil during the British Rule. 

Javed K.Hassan obtained degree in mechanical engineering from Kerala University in 1962 and MS in material science from Connecticut University, USA besides doing a programme on modern materials engineering at California University.

It was then that he joined IBM.  During the course of his stay there, he obtained 30 patents in the semiconductor field.  As he rose to head the company’s semiconductor activities, he became the leader of 14000 scientists and engineers.

The seeds of NEST had been planted long before he had quit AMP. “NEST stands for Network, Equipments, Systems and Technologies.  Gather knowledge and utilize it to create wealth: that is our motto.  We are creating wealth for Kerala without spoiling its water, air or environment,” he says.

Based at Kochi, with global headquarters at Washington, NEST operates across continents, focusing on developing products in the hitech range in fields like Medical Electronics, Computer Communication, Industrial Automation and Power Electronics.  It has already developed Ultrasound and MR scanners for medical use.  It has entered into partnership with Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore to develop operation tables at 1/10th of the present cost.

He was instrumental in the setting up the first optic fible cable plant in the Middle East at Saudi Arabia and an integrated plant in Malaysia.


Courtesy: Radhakrishnan Narippatta, Mathrubhumi, December 12, 2005
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