December 26, 2005

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Deepak Jagadeesh, West Hill, Kozhikode

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Borges may have dreamt of this: a book that can turn out to be all books in the world.  And the digital ‘OmniBook’, designed by Deepak Jagadeesh of Kozhikode and his friend Rahul Sahni, both students of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, shows the potential of realizing this dream.  Their design won the first prize in the India Design Contest 2005 organised by Texas Instruments and fetched the duo Rs.2 lakhs as award.

The OmniBook looks like a paper book.  However, one can download either a 2000-page dictionary or many books and periodicals to it, either from internet or using wireless technologies.  Like a paper book, one can turn the pages in the OmniBook too, thus avoiding the tedium associated with e-books in which one has to read from the same surface again and again.  Deepak compares the OmniBook to a laptop with a lot of pages.

Earlier, he was the only Indian selected to attend the Space Camp organized by the Discovery Network in USA in 2000.  His father Jagadeesh was formerly Divisional Manager of SBT, Kozhikode Main Branch while his mother Manju was a former Principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


Courtesy: A.K.Sreejith, Mathrubhumi, December 8, 2005
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