December 2, 2005

Inspiration for the day

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Kaipamangalam-Chalingad, Thrissur

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To 1000-odd housewives in Kaipamangalam-Chalingad village in Thrissur, ramacham (cuscus) roots are livelihood-giving. They make mats, fans etc using it and sell them through wholesalers to the markets in North India.

Generations ago, the cultivation of cuscus was abundant in the coastal areas of the village.  When cuscus gave way to buildings and coconut farms, it was the entrepreneurs who kept the business alive by brining in raw material from Karnataka.

Few Kudumbasree units are also active in the manufacture of mats.  The stocked products are moved to the markets in Delhi, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat by January.  The village entrepreneurs are hoping to market the product as a natural substitute to keep the environment cool.


Courtesy: Pradeep Vadanappally, Vanitha, October 1-14, 2005
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