December 16, 2005

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A.K.Salim, Kochi

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To A.K.Salim, a devout Muslim who does namaaz 5 times a day and observes fast during Ramzan, Kaimukku Raman Adithirippad said: “You have the qualification for it.  You should take it up.”  He was referring to the supervision of arrangements for Soma Yaga scheduled for March 2006 after a period of 50 years.  And with folded hands, Salim accepted the assignment.

Salim and a few others close to Adithirippad were being assigned tasks in connection with the Yagam when the question of entrusting the supervision of arrangements to a Muslim came up.   Adithirippad put the question at rest with the observation that it is creditworthy for one who steadfastly follows conjoined rites of his religion to take up other rites.

According to Salim, there must be the backing of ancestral karma in the task he has been assigned.  His ancestor Dawood of Thanjavoor was the nagaswaram artist at the Mullakkal Temple, Alappuzha.  According to Prof. Eswaran Namboothiri, general convenor of the Yagam, Salim knows Hindu rituals much better than many Hindus.

After graduation in Law, Salim got interested in the study of gems.  This developed into an interest in Jyothisha and Vedantha.  And that interest led to his meeting with Adithirippad and subsequent developments.


Courtesy: B.Ramesh Kumar, Mathrubhumi, November 11, 2005
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