November 7, 2004

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‘Krishna Education and Cultural Society’,  Vallikkunnu, Malappuram

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Winner of the best voluntary organization in the State award from Nehru Yuvak Kendra last year, the ‘Krishna Education and Cultural Society’ of Vallikkunnu, Malappuram is on the path of converting waste into energy and manure.  And the Society ventured into the field with a pilot effort in its own yard when the disposal of waste in their compound became a critical problem.

The Society runs Akshaya Centre, Nursery for children, Youth Development Centre, units for training in tailoring, drawing etc.  The waste from these units are collected in 12 tanks – 11 for vermi-compost production an the balance 1 for biogas.  And the effort has not only given them a clean and non-odorous environment, but is also providing organic manure and energy for 3 hearths.  With an investment of Rs.8000, it is possible to construct a biogas plant, says Sadanandan, the president of the Society.

The Society has constructed a Rs.6 lakh biogas plant for Pathanapuram Panchayat in Kollam district.  The energy from this venture is lighting 25 small tube lights in the area.

Using the funds of Dharwar-based CAPART, the society had assisted 80 women in Parappanagadi and Vallikkunnu Panchayats to construct compost tanks.  For the members of the society who believe that a diamond may lie hidden in the litter rotting by the wayside, such achievements are just a confirmation of their faith in simple solutions to everyday problems.


Courtesy: Renju Jose, Malayala Manorama, September 7, 2004

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