November 5, 2004

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Liju.K, Felix John and Rajasree Madhavan, Prince M.V, Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Thavanoor, Malappuram

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The Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Thavanoor has developed a machine for slicing of bananas into chips for frying.  The machine, developed by Liju.K, Felix John and Rajasree Madhavan under the guidance of Assistant Professor Prince M.V, is capable of deskinning and slicing 223 kg of bananas per hour.

The machine consists of feeding cylinders, cutting disk and outlet for collection of slices.  The spring-driven feeding mechanism presses the bananas to the cutting disk, which slices the chips into uniform thickness.  The advantages of the motor-driven machine include uniform thickness of slices, provision to alter the thickness of slices, avoiding the risk of cutting the fingers etc. 

In addition to slicing banana chips, the machine -  which is capable of working at 96% efficiency -  can slice potato and carrot also.  Its cost comes to Rs.4500.


Courtesy: Liju.K, Prince M.V, Karshakasree, February 1998

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