November 3, 2004

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Urava, Trikkaippatta, Kalpatta, Wynad

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It could be considered a university for bamboo.  The ‘Urava’ centre for traditional knowledge at Trikkaippatta near Kalpatta in Wynad is a veritable treasure house for popularizing bamboo.  Production and marketing of bamboo products, training in handicraft making, preparation of saplings and encouraging the cultivation of bamboo as well as R&D activities encompass the scope of their activities.

A group of young men in search of alternatives to the modern paradigm of technology were the founders of the Centre.  And the result of their quest has been the consolidation of bamboo-related traditional knowledge that is now giving employment to 40 odd women at the Centre. 

Among the products are tables, chairs, flower vases, candle stands, artifacts, hairpins, rings, chains, fruit bowls, jug, mug, cup etc.  An innovative product – perhaps the first of its kind in India – is the pen made of just bamboo parts.  All together about 60 products are manufactured in the workshop of Urava.

Their main mode of sales is through participation in melas and exhibitions.  Sometimes, orders come, even from foreign countries.  About 20 varieties of bamboo are produced in the Urava nursery.  By the cultivation of these, they hope to overcome the shortage for certain type of bamboo that is amenable to weaving. 

The artifacts are made using traditional implements alone.  The final product is subjected to a selective burning process using blow lamp to create distinctive artistic black patterns on the surface.

The research wing is collaborating with Cholamandal Art Centre, Chennai to evolve embellishing works on the bamboo products. With the simplest of technology, reminiscent of children’s play using clay, Sahadevan, the artist from Cholamandal, is trying to add a touch of aesthetics to the humble artifacts.

Urava hopes to provide livelihood to at least a few few families in these times of uncertain prices for agricultural products.   


Courtesy: Nimmy George (text), T.Prasanth Kumar (photo), Karshakasree, November 2001

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