November 23, 2004

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M.P.Kunju, Sahrudaya Vedi, Thiruvananthapuram

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He makes efforts to honour the individuals who toil to make the world around them a little brighter.  And he makes efforts to promote religious harmony by organizing different religious festivals.  For the past 10 years, M.P.Kunju and his Sahrudaya Vedi have been engaged in giving prop to what is ennobling in individuals.

Once, due to plague, Indian flights were banned from operating in foreign countries and many Malayalees were stranded in the Gulf.  At that time, Air India, Gulf Air, Oman Air etc arranged special flights to bring them back.  Sahrudaya Vedi honoured the officials of these airlines at a public function. 

Similarly, every year his organization honours winners of University Arts Festivals as well as government employees who do distinguished service.  The Vedi honours every year outstanding achievers in the fields of medicine, air travels and tourism.

“I get many letters expressing the wish that branches of Sahrudaya Vedi be begun all over India,” says Kunju.

Among the toiling Malayalees in the Gulf, there are some engaged in social and cultural activities.  Unfortunately there is none to encourage them or honour them.  Sahrudaya Vedi has come forward to appreciate their work by instituting a yearly cash award of Rs.10000 to outstanding achievements in this field.  Last year, Ansar of Chirayinkeezhu who has been in the thick of social activities in the Gulf for the past 20 years, won this award.

How does he collect funds for the programmes organized by the Vedi?  M.P.Kunju smiles and says:” We do not ask for donations to conduct our programmes.  At the end of each programme, the well wishes jostle for a chance to pay the Vedi’s bills.”






Courtesy: P.M.Binukumar, Kerala Kaumudi, 1998

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