January 20, 2004 

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Ouseppachan, Kakkadampoil Village, Kozhikode 

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Neither power cut nor hefty electricity bills bother Ouseppachan and a few others of Kakkadampoil Village spread between Kozhikode and Kannur Districts.  For they produce their own power, either from hydel sources or the lamp in the sky.

Their effort to get the Electricity Board to extend the power network to their little village was did not materialize even after decades of efforts.  It was then that they decided to rely on their resources and resourcefulness in harnessing the hydel power.

Kakkadampoil is an elevated place where almost all valleys have streams.  These streamlets, which flow in full swing in monsoon do not go dry even in summer.  By providing a hose of sufficient length, all the villagers take care of their drinking water needs.

It is by utilizing such a water source that Ouseppachan is generating power since the last 5 years.  By constructing a small tank in the stream from where his family draws water for domestic use, he guides the jet through a 1-inch hose, which reduces in diameter to inch just before the water hits the propeller.  The power is stored in a battery and is used to operate 4 tube lights and a TV.  The water from the power house is used for sprinkler irrigation.  He says that the only expenses he had to incur were for the hose and dynamo and he gets power 24 hours a day.

Sen Varkey of Ullattil has a more elaborate scheme capable of supporting a TV, 15 bulbs and iron.  Still others gather power from sun using solar panels. 

The people of the village have a dream to start a small project capable of lighting up the entire area.  They have their model in neighboring Pathanpara Village.

The home-made powerhouse


Courtesy: K.F.George (text), James Arpookara (photo), Malayala Manorama, January 4, 2004

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