January 17, 2004 

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Murukesan, Meeyannoor, Kollam

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It was the loss of a bicycle given to him for repair that turned Murukesan of Meeyannoor, Kollam into an inventor.  After he had to pay Rs.450 as compensation for the lost bicycle, he decided to make a new lock that nobody would break.  3 years later, he had proved that he could make a new lock for the bicycle.

During a chance encounter with the K.S.Harish Kumar, Managing Director of Artisans’ Development Cooperative Ltd (Artco), he was asked whether he could modify his invention to suit motorcycles.  He has been able to do that and is on the way to get patent for both the inventions.  Once patented, he would have the sole right to making, selling and using the invention for a period of 20 years.  He hopes to set up a small-scale unit for making these locks where at least 10 persons can be employed.

Harish Kumar said that Artco would provide assistance to Murugesan for patenting his invention and for setting up the industrial unit.

The manufacturing cost of the handcrafted locking mechanism at present is Rs.80, which includes a metal plate, automatic lever, lock and the stand for the bicycle.  For the motorbike the cost would come down since the lock can be attached to the already present vertical stand.

His monthly income is about Rs.750

The locking arrangement

Courtesy: Kavitha S. Kumar, The New Indian Express, December 14, 2003

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