January 16, 2004 

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Dr.K.Rajasekharan Nair

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Without striving for it, the world will come to recognize you, if you deserve it – his father had told Dr.K.Rajasekharan Nair, when he applied for admission to a medical school in England.  He heeded the words of his historian and critic father Sooranad Kunjan Pillai and decided to continue his M.D studies in Kerala itself.  And today, those words have come true with due recognition coming his way.

After studying under stalwart doctors Dr.Pai and Dr.G.K.Waryar, he represented India at the World Conference of Nureology at Amsterdam.  His findings of a debilitating disease, ‘sensory Neuropathy’, which affects some people in a few places in Kerala, were presented at the Conference.  The world recognised and took notice of the original work done in this field.

A few years later an Australian lady from Mozambique came to him with the finding that some of the tapioca-eating population of that country too suffer from similar disease.   She wanted to find out if both the diseases were the same.

Still later someone else came to inform him that tribes of Micronesia too suffer from a similar debilitating disease.  Thus an original work done in Kerala was proving to be recognized by others from far and wide.

Dr.Nair obtained D.M from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi after completing his M.D from Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.  He was the first Keralite to obtain F.R.C.P fellowship.  At present he is the president of the Kerala chapter of Neurological Society of India.

Diagnosing the cause of someone’s death from the description of the symptoms as chronicled, is a branch of science called pathography.  Dr.Nair has done some noteworthy works in this field also.  Among the notable persons whose cause of death he has tried to analyse are Swathi Tirunal, C.J.Thomas and Kuttikrishna Marar.

Many commendations and honours have come his way, but he considers as the most important one the small poem of felicitation poem written by his father.



Courtesy: Monsy Joseph, Vanitha, December 1-14, 1998

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"No man is wise at all times."