January 15, 2004 

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Santhiniketan, Chittilappally, Thrissur 650551 Ph: 0487- 2595741

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At Santhiniketan, Chittilappally, Thrissur, dedicated to the care of terminally ill cancer patients, the medicines are usually painkillers and sleeping pills.  Or are they the loving care and prayers of the sisters who run the centre? 

The poor and abandoned patients who are discharged from Amala Cancer Centre, Thrissur, find a place at Santhiniketan, run by these nuns.  They are usually directed to the centre by the nurses of the hospital.  The 6 nuns who work in the centre bathe them, clean their cloths, feed them, give them medicines and comfort them with their loving care and presence.

There is no specific menu at Santhiniketan, which has facility to accommodate 20 patients.  Different patients need different diets and some even needs to be fed through tubes attached to the stomach.  Still others may need fruit juice or rice in paste form prepared in a mixer.

Those who recover and go from the Centre are rare, for almost all the patients come there when it is almost certain that medicine can do nothing to help them.  When the patients die, the relatives are informed.  Some come to claim the body, otherwise the nuns arrange to have it buried in the Panchayat cemetery.

These nuns led by Superior Sister Norbat usually run old age homes.  They started Santhiniketan in 1990 based on the request of other nuns of their seminary who were working in Amala Hospital.  Considerate philanthropists provide expenses towards medicine and food.



Courtesy: P.M. (text), Jijo John (photo), Vanitha, May 16-31, 1998

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"In as much as you have done unto the least of my brethren, you have done unto me."