January 14, 2004 

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Anju Varghese, Thiruvananthapuram 

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Not many may have the inclination to pursue gliding as a career.  But for Anju Varghese from Thiruvananthapuram who had started out with National Cadet Corps and later joined the Trivandrum Flying Club, the choice after Pre Degree was simple – learn gliding in the motherland for gliders – Germany.

It was a tough decision and tougher still was getting permission of her parents.  She did not know any flying schools in Germany and applied to almost all the schools whose addresses she could gather from the library.  Finally, when she got a reply, she had to overcome another hurdle, learning German.

“For that I had to go to Chennai.  There I spent nearly 6 months to master the language,” she says.  And was it tough?  “Yes, but once you make up your mind nothing can stop you,” she says.

After spending almost 5 years in Germany, she speaks fluent German.  “When I went to Germany, all I wanted was just to learn flying.  But after undergoing training, they asked me to get a licence,” says Anju who now has got a Glider Pilot Licence, Powered Glider Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence and Airline Transport Pilot Licence.  And she wrote all these examinations in German.

She now works as a Marketing Officer, India for InterCockpit Pilot Training Network, Frankfurt, a company that offers flight training to aspiring pilots.

And thus by sheer determination and the will to pursue her heart’s desire, Anju has scaled new heights which someone from her background could only have imagined.





Courtesy: Manu Vipin, The New Indian Express, December 13, 2003

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