January 11, 2004 

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N.S.Kumar, Yeneskey Machine Tools, Coimbatore 

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That the cottage industry started by 17-year-old N.S.Kumar at Coimbatore with a capital of Rs.1000 borrowed from his sister has now resulted in a successful venture worth crores is itself worthy of notice.  But more importantly, this SSLC-passed entrepreneur is the Managing Director of a company that produces machines which help to eradicate the menace plastic carry bags.

His Yeneskey Machine Tools is the only company in India that produces Multi-colour Printed Paper Carry Bag cum Tube Forming Machine.  While fully automatic paper bag manufacturing machines are available in Germany and Japan, they cost around Rs.4 crores.  His company manufactures machines that are 90% automatic and 10% manual.  And the cost is only Rs.6 lakhs.

After trying his hand in various fields including farming, soap manufacturing, furniture retailing, textile intending, running a press, and being dealer of North Indian machineries etc. did he start the present venture of Yeneskey Machine Tools.  Today it manufactures 11 types of paper conversion machines and is the only such firm in South India.

It was during this time that he wanted to do something to reduce the flood of plastic carry bags.  He had noted the design of a paper carry bag machine while on a visit to Germany.  On return he tried to redesign it in his factory to make it more cost effective.  As he got engrossed for 4 years in the development of this machine, other works got affected and the factory went into a loss.  Just as he had completed the design of the machine to be marketed for Rs.1lakh, the firm itself was in need of borrowing Rs.1 lakh to pay salary to its workers.  Luckily, a timely order for 14 such machines from Malaysia changed all that.

For his efforts in industry and social service, he has been honoured with many awards.  Outstanding Industry award of Tamil Nadu Government, Vijayaratna award, Best Machinery award from Karnataka etc are some of them.




Courtesy: M.B.Babu, Mathrubhumi, December 8, 2003

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