March 6, 2003  

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Sajitha, anganwadi No:23, Pangal, Puthuppariyaram, Palakkad

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Anganwadi, the poor manís kindergarten, can inspire the neighbourhood to contribute to its expansion if Sajitha is the teacher.  This teacher of anganwadi No:23 of Pangal, Puthuppariyaram, Palakkad, who receives just Rs.830 per month as honorarium has been responsible for motivating the people in the area to contribute resources for the library, computer, swing, see-saw, small chairs etc. in the anganwadi.

Her anganwadi is the first in the State to own a computer.  She intends to enter personal data of the 45 students in the computer and use it as a learner-friendly teaching aid.

Sajitha had been selected as the best anganwadi worker by the State Government for canalizing the goodwill of the people towards development of the anganwadi.  She has also won the World Bank award and the 3 awards from the Block Pachayat for her exemplary leadership.

The anganwadi started functioning in April 1999 in a rented building.  The peopleís committee collected Rs.60000 for purchasing land for the anganwadi.  The Panchayat and the World Bank provided Rs.1.25 lakhs for the construction of the 470 sq.ft. building.  However, with resources mobilized from the people, they could construct a 540 sq.ft. structure.  Government money was not utilized for electrification or for the construction of compound wall and gate.  The see-saw, swing and small chairs etc too were made possible through the resource mobilization drive of Sajitha.

Although there is an English-medium school nearby, the number of students in the anganwadi points to the parentsí faith in its effectiveness.

Sajitha in the anganwadi with computer  

Courtesy: Antony Davis, Mathrubhumi, February 10, 2003

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"He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom."